Why Buying a Used Electric Car May Be a Wise Move Right Now

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Why Buying a Used Electric Car May Be a Wise Move Right Now

For the early adopters, the geeks and the aficionados now is exactly the right time to buy an electric car – simply because they’re there! For the rest of us it’s a case of weighing up whether it’s better to buy now, or wait until the technology matures and prices start to fall.

Before making a decision, one way or the other, it’s worth taking a look at the state of the electric car sector.

Buying an Electric Car

The good news is that EV battery technology is developing fast. They’re now lighter, cheaper and faster to charge. Add to that the rapidly growing number of charging points across the UK – now more than 7,000 with over 20,000 connectors – and it’s clear that driving an electric car is becoming more attractive. And that’s without factoring in the low maintenance costs, the cheaper running costs, the zero car tax and the exemption from congestion charging.

So what’s stopping consumers from ditching the dirty diesel? There are three major factors that electric car manufacturers need to overcome. First, the initial outlay. Electric cars cost more that their fossil fuel counterparts. Second, car charging locations are still a rarity – we need to see far more of them. Third, battery replacement is prohibitively expensive.

Buying a Used Electric Car

The good news for second-hand buyers is that a new electric car depreciates in value fast. Which is why this is a great time to try out the technology via the ‘used car’ section. It’ll give you the opportunity to test out the savings they offer, and get to grips with the charging routine. Looks like refurbished batteries could be the way to go, too. At present, they offer the best value.

Enjoy Low Cost Driving

Anyone buying or driving an electric car right now is ahead of the curve. Which is to say that this is a great time to take advantage of the cost-effective technology, without paying through the nose for a new car. If you’re looking to cut your motoring costs, the best way to do it right now, is to buy a used electric car. That way, you save money and get to test-drive the technology of the future.