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Operating Models for Destination EV Charging

If you are considering EV charging for your business it is important to recognise the best model to meet your objectives. As EV ownership increases it is vital that all businesses consider offering facilities for their customers.  Location, type of business, costs incurred and potential usage rates play a large factor with which operating model to apply. Whatever approach you are looking to take, flexibility and scalability are absolutely critical for such a new and fast paced industry.

Urban Charging will take the time to understand your business objectives and make a bespoke recommendation on which charging points and business model will be most effective for you. Below is a brief summary of the suggested models.

Fully Subsidised

You fund the installation of equipment and provide free EV charging to your customers. This can help you grow by both attracting new customers and maintaining existing. A fully subsidised model is ideal if you wish to increase revenue and offset EV costs through existing business activities and increased sales.

Cost Neutral

With a cost neutral option, a fee is imposed on drivers using the EV charging points. The rate of charge is set to generate enough income  to match the operational costs and, if total cost recovery is sought, an additional margin can be added to cover all hardware and installation costs.

Revenue Generating

You can introduce a higher fee on drivers to use your charging points. This fee will cover all operational, hardware and installation costs and can provide an additional revenue stream for your business.

Third Party Funded

In certain circumstances, Urban Charging may be able to provide and install charging points free of charge to your business. This is very effective long term and can mutually benefit both parties. The appropriate charger type will be installed to the ideal location, which will help complement your business. Tariffs and connection fees will be agreed between both parties before any contract is agreed.

N.B.  Naturally, this can only be provided if utilisation levels and charge rates are suitable.


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    After you request a quote, our team will be in contact within one working day to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.



    We’ll send a qualified technician to conduct a site survey to help identify the ideal location and confirm all electricity and connectivity requirements for each charging point.



    A fully detailed proposal will be provided showing all equipment, installation, groundworks, support package and funding choices. We can also assist with the OLEV grant application process if necessary.



    Once agreed we will appoint one of our OLEV approved installers to complete the installation ensuring minimum disruption to your facilities.



    Once the installation is complete, we’ll assist you to make sure all charging points are registered and help you make the most of our management software platform.



    Our service doesn’t stop once your chargers are installed. We will constantly review and report on the operation of your chargers to ensure you are maximising utilisation and potential revenue.